Lake Wenatchee, Washington

Linda and I are lying on a blanket on the coarse, multi-colored sand on the shore of Lake Wenatchee, reveling in the pine-scented warm, dry air characteristic of Eastern Washington. Having slept in our tent 50 miles to the south last night, we join bro Mike and part of his family at their traditional camp spot on the lake.

Yesterday afternoon: we pull in to a 150-acre property near Cle Elum, Washington, where each summer a party is held where talented musicians show up. Immediately upon arrival I see Steve Fossen and Somar Macek, soon followed by Steve Pearson – all much-loved musicians in the Northwest. I learn from Pearson that he’s about to play guitar with local legend, Merilee Rush and her pal, Billy Mack. “I wanta be part of that lineup!” “I’m sure you will be,” Pearson smiles.


I find myself leaning over more than once to see the chord progressions to unknown songs. Merilee is thrilled with her impromptu band, as Pearson, Fossen, party host Jon Newton, Billy, Merilee and I finish a fun set.

Next on the bill is “Half A Heart,” our evening’s moniker. Fossen, Derosier, and I are undeniably the best Heart rhythm section in the entire Cle Elum area. Bob joins us on keyboards, doing a great job. Somar is a spirited filly, likely to bust down the walls of any corral meant to contain her. She brings vitality and a sense of rebirth to Mistral Wind; Love Alive; Alone; Crazy On You; and Barracuda, before we bring up Pearson to close our set with Zep’s Rock and Roll. Pearson is an easy-going vet, capable of anything in rock music.

Our dressing room houses a keg of micro brew – Mack And Jack – and assorted bottles of Jaggermeister, two of our favorite after-show staples, provided by our charismatic, generous host, Jon. Fortunately, I’m easy-going these days when it comes to alcohol, and I perk up, hearing that another Northwest icon – Duffy Bishop – is going to play. “I wanta be in that lineup!”

I don’t know how long we played, but the jamming was excellent. Her guitarist and I played some beautifully interweaving solos that helped elevate the already enwrapped audience… and Duffy! Wow, That lady can ROCK!

Now, up from the beach, bro Mike and myself are putting the final touches on our Kickstarter presentation. We’re excited to see the reaction to the trailer for our feature length movie – Rog’s 60th. Here is the link to our presentation: is a web site that helps fund startup projects like books, movies, inventions, etc. Our goal is to receive at least $70,000 through the site. Finishing and then marketing our movie will gobble up $70K in no time. Then there’s that certain camera I’d love to own – a Red Epic…price tag: around $25K.

Back in 1976 I bought a broadcast quality video camera and began documenting Heart’s behind-the-scenes goings on. To date, we find ourselves with around 1,000 hours of documented live performances; b-roll; and delicious snippets of life from the camera’s eye. I know a lot of people will be moved by Rog’s 60th.