The story behind the making of Roger Fisher’s 2011 version of the classic Heart song, Love Alive. Originally written in 1975 by Roger, Ann and Nancy Wilson, this video highlights the enduring relevance of the song’s message.

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3 thoughts on “The Making Of Love Alive

  1. Sal

    Roger – I will never get tired of relaying my introduction to Heart and you may have heard it before but by doing so it refreshes me or takes me back to a moment in time in my life that was full of adventure, awareness and just dog gone plain fun. You see I was introduced to your band while I was a sailor and at the time I became aware of “Dreamboat Annie” album, well being a seafarer I could easily identify to this album it’s content, music and beautiful people. You will never know just how close I felt to this band and throughout the years that feeling never left me. I essentially became a member so to speak because the music intro to “Crazy on You” was similar to the guitar music I actually heard in the cantinas in Spain, the sounds of the waves while we were sailing towards different ports such as Catania, Sicily, Naples, Verona, Genoa, Italy and Cannes and Monaco, France not to mention the Balearic Island of Mallorca then heading towards Barcelona, and most welcoming of all were the sounds of the seagulls in that album and song “Dreamboat Annie” because their sounds are a welcoming sound to seafarers because they are messengers to us that land is nearby and believe me when you are out at sea for a while you yearn to see land and touch it. So you see Roger you and your band have a special place in my Heart. Always remember this Roger and perhaps that album came about as a tribute to seafarers who may never tell their stories or who do with “Dreamboat Annie” playing in the backgruond. Congratulations on your Induction to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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