Q&A – Vocals, Autobiographies and Teaching

Hi Roger,

I have a few questions for you.

If I remember correctly, in the 1979 Guitar Player interview you mentioned trying your hand at vocals but not having things work out. Obviously you’ve found your singing voice. How were you able to do this? Was it a matter of finding a good vocal coach or something else?

I used four different vocal coaches: Seth Riggs; George Peckham; David Kyle; and Kendall Aickin. I learned different things from each of them, but it was working on my own, exploring and exploring that really brought it all home. Now I practice every day to improve, and teach when I have time.

Have you read Ann and Nancy’s autobiography? Any comments or thoughts on it? When can we expect your book to be out?

Yes, read it. I have a lot of thoughts and comments, but none to be made here 🙂

Bro Mike’s and my book – a double autobiography – will be released gradually, as our interactive site is unveiled, beginning this year.

Do you still practice the guitar much apart from playing gigs and rehearsing? What kind of things do you work on?

Practice almost everyday. I’ve developed a new style of playing, and that’s what I practice. I’ll be releasing a teaching series, beginning this year.

It’d be fun to see you put up some guitar tips or tips on playing Heart songs on YouTube – Heart’s guitar player would probably appreciate it (ha ha!) I’ve always been impressed and inspired by your guitar playing and I’ve noticed you have a lot of stylistic things you do that give songs an extra flair. Parts that appear simple might be trickier than people think and vice-versa, which I think is something true of guys like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, as well as many top-notch players. I’ve watched videos of Heart live since you’ve left and it’s a credit to your playing that no one since – regardless of technical ability, has been able to capture your feel and style. Even some signature licks don’t seem to be played right.

Guitar tips and Heart song tips have been recorded. Just need to do the editing and away we go!