I’m glad to see Roger still making good music and still working with Steve and Mike.
Back in the fall of ’76 I went to the former Boston Music Hall with my then band mates to see Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow concert. The opening band turned out to be Heart on your first tour. Everyone in the place was blown away by how good you guys were. You rocked the shit out of us.
Nobody in the place had any idea who the hell your band was. Everyone was saying “this band is great . Who the hell are they?” Finally when you dropped Magic Man on us, it was a great big holy shit moment. The whole audience exploded because we’d been hearing that song for months already. Then it was a now we know moment. That was exactly how you broke Boston.
Being a guitar player myself, I became and still am big Roger fan as well as Steve and Derosier fan. Hope you bring it to the Boston area this time. I’ll be there to enjoy the music. -Robert D.