Q&A – That pick from ’79

Hi Roger;

My name is Glenn. I am a 53-year-old session guitar player, and you are one of my biggest influences, along with Steve Lukather, Jimmy Page, John Petrucci, and David Gilmour. YOUR style of lead-playing, is so refreshingly unique, that it definitely caught me by the ears, and still hasn’t let go to this day. “Heart” was lucky to have you, and when you left the band, I lost all interest in following them from that point on.

You played with Heart in Montreal, and I was in the front row, just to your left.

During the song “Barracuda”, I motioned to you with my hand, as if I was picking a guitar, in the hopes that you would be so kind, as to give me that guitar pick. You noticed this, and immediately nodded as if to say: “Yup, No Problem”. At the end of the song, you walked over and handed me the pick you were using – it even had a gouge in it, from using it sideways to scrape down along the 6th string… It had the “Heart” logo on it, and it was colored a reddish-brown mix.

When the concert was over, your limousine stopped on the way out of the garage, right in front of me, and I leaned through the back-right window, right past Ann and Nancy, to shake YOUR hand, and compliment you on a great show – I didn’t even say a word to them… they probably thought I was gay or something – – – lol.

I was ecstatic to have, and show-off that “Barracuda-Pick” to friends through the years, and I graciously thank-you. One day last year, though, my 17-year-old son got into my music stuff out of curiosity, thought that the “Barracuda-Pick” was just a regular guitar pick – took it to a jam with his friends, and ended up losing it!… I was beside myself… completely livid, and I gave him a talking-to, that he will never ever forget!

I would like to ask you, if there was a way that I could in some way, RECOVER from a loss like that. It has been some time since you were with the band, and an item like that would surely be hard to come-by. I’m just sick to my stomach, every time I think about it – which is quite often.

Is there a way that you could help ease my anguish? Anything that you could send me, would be so greatly appreciated – If you have a “Roger Fisher” pick, and played “Barracuda” (making a gouge in it), that would super-cool – it would still have that “WOW” factor, and I wouldn’t have to be sad anymore!

I will gladly compensate you for any expense related to this “unique” request.

P.S: I would also like to know if you still have the guitar with all those sexy lights, that showed chord-progressions and other wacky stuff, up and down the neck. What kind of guitar was that? Very cool 🙂


Thanks for your kind words, quite a story!

In regard to your comments regarding my playing, you may be interested to know that since you saw me, I’ve developed a unique style of playing that is a cross between finger-picking and flamenco, using only fingers, no pick or fingernails. Flesh touching guitar strings is a very intimate relationship. I plan on touring as much as possible this year, and would love to return to Eastern Canada, an area I’ve loved since first playing there in the ’70’s.

In answer to your question regarding the “LED Strat,” I sold that guitar to a close friend in Atascadero, California. It was (I think) a 1965 Strat that I had outfitted with LEDs which were triggered by voltage-sensitive switches (meaning that to change the sequence that chased through the lights, one merely touched any combination of the three brass knobs on the face of the guitar). All the electronics are on circuit boards inside the guitar, viewable from the back through a translucent plexiglass cover. This was finished in 1979, a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Sending compensation isn’t necessary, but welcome if you choose to do that… your call.

I’m looking forward to your response to the new album, All Told, due for release in May. Currently we have released two songs from the new record, Love Alive, and Dear Friend, available on iTunes and Amazon.

Thanks for your continued support and interest, Glenn. The world needs music!