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600788_10151675590003968_2106276449_nBorn in Seattle, Washington on February 14th, 1950, Roger Fisher was the founding guitarist of the rock group Heart, globally known through the sales of more than 30 million albums. Roger has played in almost every major city in North America. He has also toured Europe, Japan, Australia, Uzbekistan and Russia, and performed at massive events in the Czech Republic, Japan, Canada and the United States for as many as 280,000 people at a single rock show. He has appeared on a multitude of television shows including Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, and television broadcasts for more than 60 million people in Europe.

Songs featuring Roger’s songwriting and iconic guitar riffs have been used in numerous TV commercials, TV shows, Guitar Hero (3 songs), and in several movies, including Charlie’s Angels and Shrek 3. Other artists have covered his material, including Eminem. His timeless anthem guitar intro to Barracuda is frequently used as the lead in for America’s number one rated radio talk show, Rush Limbaugh. Tony Robbins refers to Barracuda as part of the turning point in his life. It was also controversially featured by Republican presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin in the 2008 election. The original line-up of Heart was inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013. His latest release is album one – ALL TOLD – of a four-album package entitled ONE VISION, with brother Mike, aka Magic Man.

The Making of All Told, Part One (Taking The Torch & One Vision)

The story of the making of the first of four albums from ONE VISION, the Fisher Brother’s epic project. The One Vision Project is comprised of four volumes. Each acts as a gateway to hundreds of songs, videos, photographs, artwork and written material. The first album, All Told, is an overture to the entire vision, designed to tell a story of the human experience we all share, passing through the stages of life. Click here for the rest of the story!

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Past Shows

28 Jan 2017 Mount Vernon, WA, Washington Lincoln Theatre Lincoln Theatre
02 Oct 2016 Mission Theater Portland, Oregon Mission Theater Mission Theater
10 Sep 2016 Summer Ender Fender Bender - FREE EVENT Tacoma, Washington America's Car Museum America's Car Museum
03 Sep 2016 Austin & Rog Monroe, WA Blue Boy West Golf Course Blue Boy West Golf Course
09 Jun 2016 Steve Azar's Celebrity Golf Tournament Greenville, Mississippi
07 Jun 2016 Recording With WS Holland Jackson, Tennessee
04 Jun 2016 The Underground with KISM Bellingham, Washington The Underground The Underground
01 Jun 2016 KMIH Radio Live Presentation Mercer Island, Washington
29 Apr 2016 Grammy Museum Presentation Cleveland, Mississippi Grammy Museum Grammy Museum
14 Feb 2016 ALL TOLD Album Release Party Bothell, Washington McMenamins McMenamins

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